Smartermail Domain throttled notification

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=== Last update: 19/06/2017
In Smartermail, when the total emails from a domain exceed 600 messages within 1 hour, our system throttle the domain for 1 hour and send an email notice to the primary admin email address. Note that unlike the user throttle will reject the emails, the domain throttle will put the emails in queue and delivery them in next hour.
Sample notice:
Email subject: Domain throttled notification
From: System Administrator
To: original sender address
Body: has been automatically throttled for exceeding their Domain Sent limit.
(You can also confirm this by checking and look for email with subject [SmarterMail Event])
To resolve the issue:
No need to contact OPS. Within 1 hour, the 1st 600 emails will be sent out from that domain, and the rest emails will be delivery automatically in next hour. In any time, the total emails from one domain cannot exceed 600. (The domain limit is actually 630 to give a little buffer for client, no need to mention this to client.)
Common issue:
           1. Client has many email users and some send more emails at the same time.
           2. Forwarding email also counts. (If client has large forwarding emails, suggest them to use POP retrieval which does not count towards their send limit)
           3. Auto-respond messages.

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